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Eagle Palms

Eagle Palms are awarded for continued leadership and skills development (merit badges) after the Eagle Rank has been earned. The purpose of this Board of Review is to ensure that the Eagle Scout remains active within the unit, contributes to the leadership of the unit, and assists with the growth of the other Scouts within the unit. The approximate time for this Board of Review should be 15 minutes.

Sample Questions:

  1. As an Eagle, have the Scout Oath and Law gained new meaning for you? How?
  2. Why is it important to developing and identify leadership? How do you do this?
  3. Since earning your Eagle, what merit badges have you earned?
  4. Since earning your Eagle (last Palm), in what service projects have you participated?
  5. How do you plan to continue your involvement with Scouting?
  6. What would you say to a Life Scout who is only minimally active within his unit, and who does not seem motivated to continue along the Scouting Trail?
  7. If a Life Scout was having difficulty selecting an Eagle Service Project, what would you suggest to him?
  8. What is the primary role of the Scoutmaster?
  9. How have you begun to "... give back to Scouting more than Scouting has given to you".

Sample Questions Download (PDF)